29.2.2020 we held a ‘Dominion’ documentary film screening followed by a Q&A session 

We would like to thank all the attendees. We understand that it is hard to watch this film. Unfortunately, a lot of people left the screening before its end, we thank them as well. It takes a lot of courage to sit and watch the whole film. 

Special thanks to those who stayed until the end because we believe that everyone deserves to know where their food, clothes etc. come from. We would also like to thank the Center for Culture and Youth of Center Sarajevo Municipality for their professional support and cooperation, as well as all of our volunteers for their help. 

Thank you Almir Durgut for photographing the event.

This project was realized with the financial support of the following non-governmental organizations: VegFund, Beyond Carnism, Animal Save Movement, whom we would also like to thank for their help. You can find more details on the following link:  Dominion film screening + Q&A session, 29.02.2020.

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