Are you interested in animal rights activism and you would like to be active in this field but you don’t have any support?

If you recognize yourself while reading this, it means you’re in the right place. 

We invite all interested organizations and persons in BiH who would like to be more engaged in animal rights to apply with their project proposal.

If you are thinking about, or you already have an idea of a project through which you would promote veganism as the ethical and ecological lifestyle and you don’t have financial support, we are here for you!

Deadline is 08.02.2021. We will take into consideration projects that would be realized between 03.3.20201. And 16.6.2021.

Your project can be realized in any city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in online format.


Which projects will be accepted?

Having in mind that most of the financial means of support go into ‘animal welfare’ campaigns i.e. campaigns whose goal is to better the welfare of animals, and that only a small amount of money and support goes into animal liberation campaigns (campaigns whose goal is to stop animal exploitation and to fight carnism and speciesism, we will financially support projects that promote veganism i.e. animal liberation campaigns

How much money do we offer for your project?

Project financing is realized in the form of a grant worth up to 1000 BAM (one thousand  Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible marks) 

We will cover program (project) costs only, and we cannot cover the operational (general) costs such as wages, travel costs (unless they are a part of the project i.e. necessary for its realization), other administrative costs etc.  


Under which conditions can you participate?

You can participate as an individual (or a group of people i.e. informal group) or as a non-profit or a non-governmental organization. Non-profits which have their annual budget higher than 500.000 BAM will have less priority. Furthermore, non-profit organizations have a priority over natural persons. 

Applicants who are not vegan have to bear in mind that the project they are requesting funds for must be vegan. If that be the case, the application will be taken into consideration. 

If you are participating as an individual or a group of people, you or at least one person from your group has to be over 18 years old (the responsible person will be of age).  

The project must not:

-Support animal exploitation in any form (promotion, purchase or any other way of supporting animal products, products that have been tested on animals, zoos, or other facilities that make profit degrading, torturing or killing animals). 

-Promote vegetarianism, pescetarianism, reductionism or any other diet preference that is not vegan (when speaking about diet) as the ethical lifestyle.

-Support a terrorist or other illegal group/organization

-Promote hate speech based on someone’s race, religion, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, social status etc. 

-Support or include things illegal by the BiH law

Project proposals without a clear goal and budget will not be financed. 

Project proposals by persons who work for our organization or are volunteers in it (this does not include persons who recently applied to be volunteers, as they are still not formally our volunteers) will not be taken into consideration because of the conflict of interest. 

If you are applying as an organization, you must send us a proof that you are a non-profit organization and confirm that your annual organization budget is lower than 500.000 BAM.

You can find all other details in the application form. 

If we decide to finance your project, we will hold a brief interview with you at our office or online via video call. 

You can find the application form HERE.

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