Proof that the vegan community in Bosnia and Herzegovina is growing

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You probably already know that our organization is from October 1, 2021. launched the “First big survey of dietary habits in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. The official survey lasted until the beginning of April 2022, after which data processing and verification followed.

This is the first survey in Bosnia and Herzegovina that gives us an approximate percentage of vegans in our country.

The research was conducted through a survey that could be filled out online on our website and social networks, but also physically at our promoters that were placed in various shopping centers and restaurants in different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and through a QR code in many cafes and restaurants in our country. In addition, the QR code was also in several city light locations in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar, Zenica and Tuzla.

Given that this research lasted a total of 6 months and that we had over 7,000 valid completed surveys, our research shows sufficient diversity and shows us that in Bosnia and Herzegovina there is a large number of people who do not eat animals and their excretions. In addition to the fact that people specifically declare themselves as vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians… etc, many have also shown an aversion to certain animal products and/or are transitioning to veganism.

In order to encourage as much response as possible to this research, and to make at least some of those who participated in our research happy, we included the awarding of prizes made possible by our wonderful sponsors. The sponsors of this research are Veganer, Mandala Academy Foundation, TROPIC, Biona and BOLD IT, and we hereby thank them for their contribution to the realization of this research.

During the summer, we also conducted a prize draw, and the lucky winners received information about receiving the prizes by email. Among the prizes are a blender, a juicer, 180 Veganer wraps/burgers, 20 Biona gift packages and 10 packages from Tropic market. 

And are you ready to find out the results of this research?

The results show that 7% of members of the examined target population are vegans, 88% are omnivores, while 9% are vegetarians.

What was also nice to see was that the largest number of surveyed citizens consumed vegetables (95%) and fruit (94%). And we hope that this will also affect the overall health of our country.

The results of the research also show us in which areas there are many vegans, and we also want to focus our work on those parts of our country.

Our research shows that significantly more people, who declare themselves vegan, are from Sarajevo Canton (10% of the total surveyed people from Sarajevo Canton are vegans). You can also see other interesting data in our graphics.

As you can see in the graphics, there is quite a large demand for plant-based foods, with an emphasis on plant-based kinds of milk and cheeses. Specifically, when it comes to plant-based milk, we see that almost a third of those surveyed consume plant-based milk (32%), while 66% of those surveyed consume milk of animal origin.

There are many numbers and data here, but for us, the most important ones are the percentages that show people who recognized veganism and chose it as their lifestyle. There are many possible excuses for not being a vegan in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but these numbers show that awareness is growing even here and that it is very possible to live a vegan lifestyle in our country.

This is one of the most important projects for us so far, because we are aware that these data are our guiding star towards the next important steps that will stimulate the further development of veganism in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We hope that supermarkets and catering establishments in our country will recognize the importance of this research, and take its results into account when planning the products that will be on their shelves and menus. Especially, taking into account that a vegan diet is also suitable for children and people who have allergies to milk or eggs, and people who fast a Christian or Catholic fast.

Once again, we would like to thank all our sponsors for the support and prizes they gave and at the same time made it possible to carry out our research.

And a big thank you to all of you who participated in our research, thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to fill out the survey and thus support our work.

We believe that we can use these results for our further projects and programs and that they will be useful to all of us.


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