What can we do “For blue sky”?

What can we do “For blue sky”?

What can we do “For blue sky”?

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In September of last year, our organization launched a mini-campaign with the symbolic name “Za plavo nebo” (eng. For blue sky”).

This environmental campaign focuses on air and the importance of preserving it.

We wanted to emphasize the importance of healthy and clean air for human life, but also for the life of other species in the world.

On the other hand, we wanted to draw attention to air pollution, both the well-known and lesser-known forms of pollution.

Do you know that the primary air polluter is not transport vehicles?

What is the price we will all pay if we do nothing?

You can find out a lot of new information through our posts on social networks. Let’s remember them together.

We launched the campaign on September 7, which is also the international day of clean air, but we announced the arrival of this campaign with our posts on social networks by celebrating the Day of the Amazon Rainforest and its importance for clean air. In addition, we continued to mark the environmental days that followed, such as Ozone Layer Protection Day, Zero Emission Day, World Environment Day, Sustainability Day and finally Vegan Day.

We used the celebration of these days as an opportunity to further raise awareness of the importance of clean air on our social networks, and in this way, we provided you with practically two months of educational content on environmental protection topics with a focus on air protection.

The most important part of our campaign was the video that we prepared in the hope that it will draw the attention of as many people as possible to the problem of air pollution.

The video explains how much the animal industry and other fossil industries actually destroy our air quality and thus endanger our lives.

It is important to emphasize that it does not have to be like this and that we always have a choice whether to contribute to the problem or to the solution. Watch the full video of this campaign HERE.

As part of the campaign, we created an educational leaflet that briefly explains the impact of animal industries on air pollution and how important it is to switch to a plant-based diet.

You can find the flyer here: FLYER – za plavo nebo.

NOTE: The Flyer is only available in BHS Language.

It is important to emphasize the additional research on greenhouse gasses that was conducted by our team and presented to you through a separate post on social networks. Did you know this information about GREENHOUSE GASSES?

With this campaign, we have presented you with all aspects, starting from air pollutants, and how much each sphere of life contributes to air pollution, through nutrition and all the way to the importance of healthy and clean air, and how to get started and what we can do individually “For blue skies”.

Please note that by switching to a vegan diet, we significantly affect primarily our own health, but also the well-being of others (humans and animals) and our environment.

We are one with nature and depend on it. By destroying nature, we are digging our own graves.

Do we want to be so selfish for some short-lived pleasures?!

Is a meat sandwich really more valuable than clean air?!

We hope that the “For blue sky” campaign brings you closer to how much our diet affects the quality of our air and that you will take care to reduce your carbon footprint.


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