What can we do “For blue sky”?

In September of last year, our organization launched a mini-campaign with the symbolic name “Za plavo nebo” (eng. For blue sky”).

This environmental campaign focuses on air and the importance of preserving it.

We wanted to emphasize the importance of healthy and clean air for human life, but also for the life of other species in the world.

On the other hand, we wanted to draw attention to air pollution, both the well-known and lesser-known forms of pollution.

Do you know that the primary air polluter is not transport vehicles?

What is the price we will all pay if we do nothing?

What “TRUTH about MILK” hides behind the colorful ads of the dairy industry?

In July 2022, we launched our most significant and largest campaign against the consumption of animal milk called “IstiNE o MLIJEKU” (wordplay that has two meanings: “The TRUTH about MILK” & “Say NO to MILK”).

Our goal was to bring a well-known product closer to the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond, but through the prism of truth and without additional decoration and filters.

This is why we shouldn’t drink animal milk

When you buy a product, do you think about its origin and harm to us, the animals and nature?

For the sake of profit, the dairy industry with its dairies and farms destroys everything and everyone in its path.

Did you know that the consumption of animal milk is quite young compared to the existence of the human species?

Compared to the 300,000-year history of our species, drinking animal milk is definitely a new habit. Based on the teeth, historians have learned that the practice of drinking animal milk among humans began only 6,000-10,000 years ago.

The campaign “The real life of bee Maya” uncovers not such a sweet truth of producing honey

The campaign “The real life of bee Maya” is the first campaign that we have dedicated to our hardworking bees, and we officially and symbolically launched it on May 20, which is also World Bee Day.

The goal of the campaign was to make a wider audience aware of the importance and role of bees in our world, and to introduce the process of honey production to citizens and what bitter truths are hidden behind that sweet, well-known syrup.


It is often forgotten that honey is meant for bees and not for humans.

Bees use honey as an energy source, because it is filled with nutrients that the bees need to be healthy.

Bees produce and store honey in huge amounts and so preparing for the upcoming winter months when there are no flowers. That is their secondary food source that ensures their survival.

In comparison, bees cannot live without honey, but humans can.

Luckily there are a lot of vegan honey substitutes available today, whether you need it for cooking, baking or as a sweetener…

Why are bees important?

Bees are extremely important pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables. That means they help other plants grow! They transfer pollen between the male and female parts of the plant, allowing the plants to produce seeds and fruits. (National Geographic Kids)

More than 1/3 of the food we eat relies on pollination by bees. Many fruits, nuts, and vegetables require pollination by bees and other insects in order to bear fruit, and without pollinators these crops could disappear. (Morris Arboretum)

What is your water footprint?

Even though 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, 97,5% is saltwater and non-drinkable. Only 2,5% of that water is sweet water and considered drinkable. The biggest amount of that drinking water is trapped inside ice and glaciers, which means it’s not available to us and another big amount of that water is flowing under the Earth’s surface. That leaves us with only 1.2% of the water that’s available to us for daily usage. (Gleick, 1993)

Why should movements fighting for equality not be divided?

Feminists could say that their diet is their personal choice and that violence against animals has nothing to do with violence against women, but in the same way, abusers can say that their abuse and violence against women is their personal choice. We could say that a man has the “right” to beat a woman just as someone has the “right” to eat meat that found its way to our plate through forced impregnation, mutilation, torture and murder. Eating meat, dairy, eggs, wearing fur or leather, using products tested on animals, or going to places where animals are kept in captivity for human entertainment are forms of violence.

Israeli Studies on Vegan Diets and Pregnancy

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