Bring your favorite dish or soft drink or simply fruit and come to hang out in our studio that will be happy to host you following all measures for keeping advised distance (with masks that we already know you use).
For all of you who will not be able to bring something, come anyway because we will have friends from the Vegan Society of BiH who will organize this event together with us and their members will prepare additional vegan food.
We want to spend Sunday afternoons with all of you enjoying great food that we will share with each other to get to know each other better and exchange ideas and recipes.
Summer potluck is also an open day at Prana yoga studio for all of you who want to learn something new about yoga, classes, teachers and how to join our yoga community.
At the end, a team with Kirtan music will join us (7:30 PM) and round off our evening with love & gratitude.

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