While celebrating World Plant Milk Day, on Saturday 20.08.22. we organized a gathering called "Summer taste of compassion".The event was planned and executed within our campaign "Truths about Milk" with the goal of educating the public on why we shouldn't be consuming cow's milk and other animals' milk. Even though we were surprised by the thunder and rain, the atmosphere in Bistro Zdravo (the restaurant where the event was held) was amazing. We watched the documentary "Cowspiracy" which tackles different ecological problems like climate change, water usage, deforestation and ocean dead zones, and comes to the conclusion that animal agriculture, including the dairy industry, is the leading cause of environmental destruction. After the movie, our guests had the opportunity to hear 3 interesting educational presentations.

On Saturday, July 23, 2022, VivaBiH once again went out in public with its activist group. The action "In the name of invisible victims" was the opportunity to show the unnecessary cruelty towards animals. Our performance carries that name, because it perfectly shows the truth of people turning a blind eye to the suffering and pain of non-human animals and the message we want to send. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the fact that about 70 billion land animals are killed annually in animal industries. If we add marine animals, which are measured in tons, those numbers are even higher. These are devastating facts, but many choose to remain ignorant and blind to these facts rather than face the truth.

The campaign "The real life of bee Maya" is the first campaign that we have dedicated to our hardworking bees, and we officially and symbolically launched it on May 20, which is also World Bee Day. The goal of the campaign was to make a wider audience aware of the importance and role of bees in our world, and to introduce the process of honey production to citizens and what bitter truths are hidden behind that sweet, well-known syrup.

It is often forgotten that honey is meant for bees and not for humans. Bees use honey as an energy source, because it is filled with nutrients that the bees need to be healthy. Bees produce and store honey in huge amounts and so preparing for the upcoming winter months when there are no flowers. That is their secondary food source that ensures their survival. In comparison, bees cannot live without honey, but humans can. Luckily there are a lot of vegan honey substitutes available today, whether you need it for cooking, baking or as a sweetener...

Only a few get to do what they truly love in life. It is a special privilege to be able to work in the animal rights sector and to work on promoting veganism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is an even bigger privilege and honor to be a part of a big conference whose goal is the empowerment of vegan activists. Perhaps just now, Ajdin Arnautović might be able to fathom this amazing opportunity and how much it has changed him. We wanted to share with you a little fraction of his experience while attending the conference. Continue reading to see everything he has learned during the "LEAD for Farmed Animals" conference, which took place in Newport Beach.

Bees are extremely important pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables. That means they help other plants grow! They transfer pollen between the male and female parts of the plant, allowing the plants to produce seeds and fruits. (National Geographic Kids) More than 1/3 of the food we eat relies on pollination by bees. Many fruits, nuts, and vegetables require pollination by bees and other insects in order to bear fruit, and without pollinators these crops could disappear. (Morris Arboretum)

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” – Desmond Tutu. Have you ever seen animals on a slaughter truck? You can look away or you can take a stand against killing. Screams, sketches, trucks full of feces, unbearable smells and other horror scenes are experienced by animal rights activists during actions called “Vigils” in which they greet trucks with animals and witness their treatment. The fear of these tortured creatures in the trucks cuts through the air! One such action in Novi Sad, organized by the Animal Save Movement group, was joined by members of our organization.

“Iftar in the spirit of empathy” was a success! On Saturday, April 23 rd 2022, we organized our event “Iftar in the spirit of empathy”. The month of Ramadan is a  special opportunity to do good and let go of bad habits and create new, more useful and healthier ones. This month encourages us to be better people towards ourselves and others and invites us to do good.

Our organization did an educational campaign in March called “Let’s Save the Sea”. The goal of the campaign was to show the citizens what the future holds for us regarding the seas and our drinking water if we continue to consume animals! Without understanding the problem, we will not be able to protect water and its surfaces. It is, therefore, necessary to raise public awareness and tackle this global problem.