A few words about us

A few words

about us


Vegan Association
of Bosnia and Herzegovina


We are the first registered organization fighting for animal rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina(2016). Many “animal rights” organizations put the “more humane, better” treatment of animals and their well-being first, thus mainly focusing on pets, whereas we fight for the total abolishment of the systems which exploit animals in the first place, fighting for all animals’ rights.

We bring the news about activism for animal rights, make animal rights campaigns, fight against abuse and exploitation of all animals, share vegan recipes, help with buying vegan, cruelty-free products and growing vegan community in Bosnia.

Our team

Our team

Our team consists of young, well-educated people passionate about animal rights and the protection of the environment. Also, we have many volunteers from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ajdin Arnautović

Executive Director

Responsible for oversight and administration of programs and strategical planning of the organization. Other key responsibilities include fundraising and community building.

Maria Pehar

Project Coordinator

Coordinating programs of the Association, managing internal and external communication related to the program and organizing and planning the program and project content.

Vildana Hrnjić

Chief Marketing Officer

Responsible for the development, organization and conducting of the strategic marketing plans for the whole organization, as well as the Association’s general visual design and marketing.

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