Have you noticed a group of vegans in Banja Luka last week?

As you probably know, we organized a vegan weekend in Banja Luka for the first time last week!

Our activities began at 6:30pm at the Music Pavilion Banja Luka with the screening of “The Game Changers”, a documentary film. We were super happy for the fact that the hall was full and at some point we ran out of chairs.

After the film screening, we exchanged our experiences and answered people’s questions. The Q&A session ended with a selfie with the participants, and then we continued the hangout over some delicious vegan food from a local restaurant.

If you follow our work, you might have seen what the Cube of Truth performance is (Anonymous for the Voiceless Cube of Truth)

In short, it is an activist performance which includes standing while holding a screen showing standard procedures of animal exploitation in the food industry as well as talking to the interested passersby.

This Saturday we organized the first Cube of Truth in Banja Luka, where we were again surprised by a majority of positive reactions of the people watching the performance.

We would like to thank the kind staff at the Music Pavilion, as well as everyone who participated in our activities. Special thanks to our volunteers who helped us organize this! See you soon in other cities!

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