[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Were you in Tuzla last week?

Our association was and we organized the first Vegan Weekend!

On Friday we began with our activities at 19:00 in the Ismet Mujezinović Atelieru with the ‘What the Health’ film screening. After that, people had the opportunity to try some of the local vegan food from Biona.

Over good food and with a hangout, we talked with the attendees about the vegan principles and our reasons for a vegan lifestyle.

Have you heard about the ‘Cube of Truth’ performance (Anonymous for the Voiceless)? 

Cube of Truth’ is an activist performance at which activists go out and stand in the busiest part of a city, form a square, and show graphic images of the standard procedures of animal exploitation in various industries (mainly the food industry) on their monitors and laptops. During the performance, there is also a number of activists who stand next to the ‘cube’ and talk to interested passersby. 

This Saturday you could have attended the first Cube of Truth in Tuzla, where the passersby surprised us with mostly positive reactions.

Big thanks to Biona Zdrava Hrana for supporting our actions with their amazing products and the kind staff of the Ismet Mujezinović Atelier, as well as to all of you who attended our activities. Special thanks to our volunteers who helped with the organization.


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