Secrets dairy industry doesn’t want you to know

5 days ago we launched the first campaign against the cruelty of the dairy industry. Most of us often wonder why milk is so cruel when cows naturally give their milk without dying for it.

The truth, unfortunately, is far crueler, which is exactly what the dairy industry is hiding so well.

The first BiH campaign against the cruelty of the dairy industry was launched in Sarajevo on the 8th of July, 2020. Dairy industry’s marketing uses images of cows on pastures with bells around their necks, sun is shining, they are smiling and happy, while the real truth on the milk farms is well hidden behind the tall fences and walls of the dairy farms. Every single glass of milk, every single dairy product is a result of perennial cow torture, whose natural abilities are abused in an industry that profits form one of the most tormenting and bizarre forms of animal abuse.

Have a look at some of our billboards from our campaign in Sarajevo:

Just like all other mammals on Earth, cows produce milk for their calves. The only way for them to produce it is to be pregnant and give birth. Therefore, the standard procedure (on ALL FARMS) is forcible impregnation of cows (this would have been called rape if it had happened to people (human animals). Gestation period of cows lasts 9 months, just as the gestation period of us humans.

In the modern industry, they are fattened and, in 98% of cases, fed with genetically modified soy and other food that is not the most suitable for them. This is done because it is not economically profitable for farmers and the industry to feed grass to cows and let them graze on the pastures, as commonly shown on the commercials. Cows produce up to 10 times more milk than natural because they are viewed as objects created to serve us and our selfish needs. In nature, cows live up to 25 years, whereas in the  dairy industry they are slaughtered after just 4 years.

They are forcibly separated from their babies within a few hours after being born, in some cases even immediately after birth, without ever seeing them again, just because there is a demand for cow milk. The calves will be fed artificial milk and other unsuitable food. If the calf is female, she will go through the same procedure as her mother and, after all the torture, when she cannot stand the exploitation no more, she wil end up in the same slaughterhouse as the cows bred for meat. That’s right, beef is someone’s baby.

 Watch this short video that explains the whole dairy industry in 5 minutes.

The standard procedures in big dairy industries look like this (such industries exist in all countries, be they small or large)

In the countries where this is happening, people use the same excuses as we do: ‘That doesn’t happen here, it only happens somewhere else’, which is exactly one of the tricks used by the milk industry (think about their advertisements, why they are like that). Their only existence is profit, and you are the ones helping them gain that profit. Therefore, they will use any kind of deceit and lies they can to keep you as their customers.

Have a look at the BiH dairy industry (we have removed the name of the specific  dairy industry because our goal is not to fight one industry, but the general procedures used by them)

Of course, every dairy industry treats cows as machines and objects whose only purpose and only existence is brought down to producing milk. They don’t produce milk for their children, which is the purpose of that milk, but for humans, who don’t even need it. 

Every cow is slaughtered in the end, be it for meat, skin, milk and/or something else. MILK=MEAT

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