We are organizing a vegan week in Sarajevo! 

Within the vegan week, we will host the FIRST vegan fair in Sarajevo, free documentary film screenings with free vegan food, as well as an activist performance that points out the cruelty that animals experience because of us humans.

The Vegan fair will be held on the 1st November, 2020 to mark the World Vegan Day, at which a number of famous BiH restaurants and food manufacturers will present their delicious vegan dishes and sweets.

The fair officially starts at 1pm, and ends at 5pm. The food that you will have the opportunity to try at each stand will be completely vegan and free of charge.

Film screenings will be held on the 3rd and the 5th November 2020 in the evening at the Sarajevo Center for Culture and Youth of Center Municipality Sarajevo (JU Centar za kulturu i mlade Općine Centar).

The activist performance, the Cube of Truth, which we are traditionally organizing, will be held in front of the Eternal Flame in the evening. As always, we will cover the travel costs for all the interested persons who want to be a part of this performance and stand up for the animals.

We are aware of the current measures regarding COVID-19, and all events will be organized in accordance to the current measures. Wearing a mask is obligatory on all events, and disinfectants will be available on each event that we host.

Should you have any further questions, please contact us via our e-mail address (, or via our Facebook page.

See you!

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