World Vegan Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina??!

Yes, you heard it right!

Yesterday, to mark the World Vegan Day, our association organized the first Vegan Fair in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We would like to thank our exhibitors, Biona Zdrava Hrana, Falafel Restoran, Heljdaeko doo Sarajevo, Hotel Great Wall-Restoran Kineski zid and Bistro Zdravo for a pleasant and adequate cooperation, which resulted in amazing treats prepared for all of our visitors.

Big thanks to our volunteers without whom this event wouldn’t be as successful.

You can see a plethora of colors and tastes on the stands in the photos, which serve as a proof that vegan food really is diverse.

We are happy that even people who aren’t vegan visited our fair and that they were delighted with what they tried. Sometimes you just need to dare to try something new. 🙃

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