We celebrate independence, we celebrate peace and unity

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After almost 2 years of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the situation in the world started going upwards. 

While some countries removed some of the moving and gathering restrictions and announced that everything was going back to “normal”, Russia used the moment to start an invasion of Ukraine early Thursday, February 24th, 2022.  

War in Europe in 2022? Unbelievable!

Thousands are fleeing Ukraine. Women, kids, elderly people and foreigners are leaving the borders of Ukraine, while men are staying to defend their country.

According to a lot of people, the current situation in Ukraine is for many a reminder of the aggression that was done in our country from 1992-1995. 

And who else could empathize with the people of Ukraine but the ones who already survived the awful sceneries of war, bombing, tanks on the streets and constant attacks?

Russia’s attack on Ukraine is a threat to the whole of eastern Europe as well as the stability of the Western Balkans. We hope that the international community will do everything in its power to stop the things that happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina from happening in Ukraine. 

People in the whole world are protesting in solidarity with Ukraine. The citizens of Sarajevo showed that they were against the war as well by a peaceful gathering on February 25th, 2022. 

This situation opened the wounds of many people, bringing memories from the 90s. You can feel the uncertainty and the fear in the air. 

Besides that, today (01.03.2022.) is the Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The day when Bosnia celebrates its independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the day when the citizens chose to be an independent country and unfortunately the day when the war started. 

All of this is triggering for many of our citizens, while a hundred thousand Ukrainians are fleeing their country.

A lot of them refused to leave their animal companions behind, which we think is admiring. They’re losing everything, but they’re keeping the most important ones. There are pictures on social media of people carrying their animals while trying to cross the border or while hiding and gathering on the subway.

According to recent reports, Poland, Romania and Slovakia allowed crossing the borders with animals without a dentist’s documentation. There are still animals in Ukraine that need medication, food and care. Heroic volunteers and sanctuary workers stayed to take care of the homeless, whilst constant bombing.

History repeats itself because we obviously haven’t learned our lessons. War has never been the answer and it always ends in suffering, pain, famine and death. We witness these things primarily by humans, but we should think of all the helpless animals as well, who won’t have a chance to survive without their humans, especially those whose lives have already been doomed in different industries. Why is it so hard for us to acknowledge their suffering and why do we so easily close our eyes before their pain? Treat others the way you’d like to be treated! We’re sending peace and love and let us help the people and animals wherever we can, especially during the war in Ukraine.

VivaBiH wants to use this opportunity to send a clear support message for Ukraine and keep the peace! We celebrate independence, we celebrate peace and unity! HAPPY 1st OF MARCH, BIH’s INDEPENDENCE DAY!


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