‘My Vegan Month’, a successful project realized with our friends from Visoko

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Big ideas start with small steps, because success is like a seed that has yet to sprout, and only the persistent succeed in the end. And, to be persistent, only one thing is needed – that you believe in what you do, and we do. There are so many reasons to give in but when our idea is so alive that it grows more and more every day; we grow together.

Success requires a lot of effort, and we show it every day. Proof of this is many activities, one of which has just been completed.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, our month of veganism is still in progress, and we are not alone in our aspirations, as evidenced by the month of veganism, in addition to the members of the Association of Vegans and Vegans of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we also had a partnership with the “Visoko” scouts. We started the month of veganism at the end of March with an introductory workshop, and our lecturers helped us with this: Ajdin Arnautović (Executive Director of the VivaBiH Association), Amela Ivković O’Reilly (nutritionist), and our Danira Šabić (founder of Danni’s Little Kitchen). The introductory lecture was one in a series as part of our project, but still one of the most important, because we had the opportunity to introduce the participants to veganism. This was contributed by Ajdin Arnautović, who introduced everyone present to veganism, as well as the reasons for it, and nutritionist Amela continued in this direction, explaining the numerous benefits of a plant-based diet.

The vegan month really helped in introducing the participants to the idea of veganism, and in this, we were helped by Danira Šabić, who had the opportunity to prepare delicious vegan dishes together with our scouts at the online workshops. Our scouts surprised us with their creativity in preparing various dishes, and in the end, we arranged all of this offline by organizing an iftar. At first, we postponed our planned iftar under the stars, but in the end, we still organized it with full respect for the measures. It was a really special day, especially because of our scouts who were delighted with the vegan specialties. That you can follow tradition, but also be vegan, is confirmed by this iftar, because the menu included traditional Bosnian dishes with a vegan twist.

We finished the vegan month project with a promotional stand in Visoko. Our scouts prepared many vegan delicacies with their hard-working hands, and passers-by were enchanted by the skills of our scouts. Our members, Azra Ćulov and Vildana Hrnjić, accompanied the entire activity and helped in the preparation of the entire organization of the vegan month.

My vegan month is a project that we are very proud of, and the Visoko Scouts contributed to it, and we are very grateful to them for that. We are eagerly awaiting new activities with our scouts, as well as all new members.


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