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After Sarajevo and Tuzla, our green billboards have been placed at seven locations in Banja Luka.

Have you seen them? Have they caught your attention?

VivaBiH Association launched 12 citylights and one billboard in Sarajevo as part of our public
campaign, after which we repeated the same campaign in Tuzla with 15 billboards, and this month
we have launched the same campaign in Banja Luka with 7 billboards (2 of which are LED).

Why are we launching this campaign in another city?

Ajdin Arnautović, VivaBiH’s executive director, talked about the reasons for this campaign:
“Carnism and speciesism are less known terms among our population, as well as globally.
Therefore, we launched this campaign because it poses an interesting question that makes us
think and points out the oppressive systems such as carnism and speciesism. These systems
are oppressive and irrational. They are the key causes of most of our health problems, as well
as environmental problems. Also, they are one of the primary causes of global hunger and
resource problems.”

Have you ever heard about carnism? Carnism is a violent system of belief that includes conscious
and planned animal violence. Unfortunately, it is a system of belief unconsciously followed by the
majority of the world’s population.

Yes, we have grown up in a system of carnism without ever thinking about it.

Do you believe that meat is necessary for your survival? Is the reason you still eat animal products a
need or your unconscious choice? You probably buy “local” animal products, products obtained from
animals at farms where they live “happy” lives?

This is a discourse of the majority of TV commercials, billboards and shopping centres. Would you
switch places with cows living at farms? Imagine yourself living at some local farm, being milked
every morning, your child being taken away from you, then they slaughter you in a “humane” way.
Do you believe that it is possible to slaughter a living being humanely, a being who, if they could
speak, would scream and beg you not to kill them?

Carnism is deeply rooted in our society, and this campaign invites you to start thinking about these

Do you, upon entering a supermarket, buy animal products because you have to or because you
were taught that it is the only right thing to do. Is it just a matter of habit? Why do you have such an
aversion towards veganism even though it is simply a lifestyle that does not abuse animals in any

“Discrimination towards some animals is among the first of all discriminations that became so
widespread that we stopped noticing it. There is no difference between a dog and a cow or
between a dog and a chicken or a pig. All these animals feel pain, suffering, love, happiness
and the need and wish to live. Eating animals and their products is not necessary. The need for
cow’s meat is not bigger than the need to eat swan, deer, cat or dog meat. When we teach that
it is alright to eat one animal, and not eat the other because of social constructs, we normalize
every other form of discrimination as well and we subconsciously learn that some other
discrimination is justified and has the same foundations.”

Would you also slaughter and eat your pets, or milk them? We believe that your answer is no.
What is the difference between these animals, apart from the fact that society taught us that
we need to take care of one, and slaughter the other? Why can’t we love both and let them
live lives worthy of a living being?

When you come across VivaBiH’s billboards, think about all of this, and sincerely ask yourselves if
you could really torture and slaughter animals every day so that you could enjoy a 15-minute long

Why do we take care of one, and slaughter the other? It does not have to be so. The choice is
yours. Choose to be humane!


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