Our Achievements in 2021.

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Each type of activism has its downfalls. Being a vegan activist in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a great challenge, therefore we are very excited about our ideas’ further development, as well as our organization’s development. 

During a euphoric holiday celebration, it was impossible not to recall our successes, be they greater or smaller. Isn’t every success greater if we did it for a higher cause? 

VivaBiH has been actively a part of the non-governmental sector for only two years, and we still managed to set high standards when it comes to our work and activism, therefore we expect an even better 2022. 

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, we still managed to organize plenty of events and activities, both online and live. In cooperation with other organizations we further established ourselves as a part of the NGO sector, through our engagement at festivals, as well as through organizing campaigns through which we actively advocated against cruelty, the most famous ones being the “Anonimna majka” (eng.”Anonymous Mother’) and “MojZeleniTanjir” (eng. ‘MyGreenPlate’).

We are especially proud of our new projects which will be continued in 2022 as well. Among them is the first big research on the diet habits of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as our “Zeleni Tanjir” (eng. ‘Green Plate’) project, along with our ‘VegOdluka’ project (our version of Veganuary) that we are organizing for the second time in 2022.  

Below you can see what our year looked like in numbers:

Yes, slowly but surely, our projects, as well as veganism are growing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thinking back to the year behind us, we can definitely conclude that our community has grown a lot in the past year. 

We have to thank our volunteers for their efforts in helping us accomplish our vision. We would also like to thank all persons who attend our activities with an open mind and desire to learn about veganism. Only those who are not afraid of the unknown are capable of conquering the world, especially the world inside of us. Once again, big thanks to all of you who supported our work in the past year. We are very happy to have so many of you who believe in us and what we do. 


As we walk towards the new and the unknown, reflecting on our past actions, VivaBiH wishes you the best year so far in the hope that our joint steps will be even greater and our empathy towards others even stronger. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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