Our program VegOdluka’22 has successfully come to an end

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As you already may know, for the second year in a row, we’ve been running our program VegOdluka.

With most people coming up with their new year’s resolutions, a lot of people also start with veganism in January and we wanted to promote veganism among the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This way we wanted to make the transition to veganism easier for everyone who wanted to start their 2022 with healthier habits.

The program VegOdluka includes nutritionally balanced meals for every day in January and the sign-up was free for all participants. Those who signed up for this program got access to a part of our website where they could find all the recipes for VegOdluka’22.

We had the wish to give our participants the best experience yet, this year’s VegOdluka had a lot of new stuff like healthy sweets recipes and snack suggestions, online workshops and a LIVE training session.

This year the nutritionist Tajna Klisura and Montessori teacher and the founder of Danni’s Little Kitchen and Zdravolucija Danira Šabić joined their powers to bring only the best recipes to our participants.

The program was successful, because we had a bump in the number of participants in comparison to last year. The participants posted their recipe pictures in the private Facebook group and exchanged their experiences, tips and more recipes.

In the following pictures you may witness the culinary successes of VegOdluka’s participants.

Besides the expected three daily meal ideas with nutritional values, Tajna and Danira prepared dessert recipes as well as healthy snack ideas. 

Even though the pandemic keeps us from big gatherings, the program VegOdluka offered lots of online activities.

Tajna and Danira held alternately online culinary workshops during the weekend.

Thanks to good recipes and workshop leaders, everything went by with lots of tips and laughter, despite the connection problems.

We definitely needed some physical activity during this year’s VegOdluka after all the amazing recipes and sweets. 

Our Fitness Summarum duo, Marko Samardžija and Ivana Martinec had the responsibility to burn calories. Marko and Ivana are certified fitness trainers and plant based nutritionists and in collaboration with them we organised 3 LIVE online training sessions, where we exercised the upper body, abdominal muscles, cardio and the lower body.

The training sessions were filled with motivational tips from Marko and Ivana on how to start exercising either by going to the gym or doing it home.

This year’s VegOdluka program ended with our closing event wherein Tajna and Danira prepared a surprise recipe and shared their new experiences with us.

We also rewarded the most active participants this year as well.

Denina Čaušević and Ena Hasković got the prizes and we congratulate them for their effort and engagement and we hope that you’ll continue using these recipes.

A big thank you to all the participants who joined this year’s program VegOdluka. Every beginning is hard, but with a little effort we can change our bad habits and make the world a little better.

For the end we prepared some thank you and motivational notes from Danira, Tajna, Marko, Ivana and Ajdin.

Did you participate and try to build new healthy habits?

We will continue with VegOdluka next year, for more information and news about our organisation follow our website and social media.



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