The truth on the streets of Sarajevo

The truth on the streets of Sarajevo

The truth on the streets of Sarajevo

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Do you have blood on your hands?
Do you know who are the victims of your food choices?

On Saturday 19.3.2022. in front of “Vječna vatra” (The Eternal fire) VivaBiH and their activism group dressed in uniforms covered in fake blood sent a powerful message about the unnecessary suffering of animals to the people passing by.

This interesting and, to some, shocking performance had the goal to remind people that eating animals is a choice, a choice that we should reconsider and think about who had to pay with their lives for our meal.

Our activists held visuals that read “Every second 4756 animals are killed” and “Every hour over 6 million animals are killed”.

These shocking numbers talk for themselves. Can you imagine that we’re killing so many animals every second, without even asking where are they? How come we never see them on their way to the slaughterhouse? Where are all those animals? Other activists who held TVs with scenes of standard and legal practices in the meat, dairy and egg industries answered the questions above.
The people passing by could see the lives of farm animals from the beginning to their painful and unnecessary end.

Why do we need performances like this?

Can we avoid the truth forever, because we have “other bigger problems in the world?”

How many more animals have to lose their lives in order for us to stop turning our heads from their

If we stay silent in situations of injustice, we’re actually supporting the one doing the injustice.

During our performance you could see videos where humanity turns emotional, intelligent and social beings into machines for meat, eggs and dairy. We showed their truth and suffering that are hidden away behind closed slaughterhouse doors, where you can still hear their screams.

Do we really want to be the reason of someones death, just because of 5 minutes of pleasure? Confronted with the shocking truth, our fellow citizens showed compassion and a wish to change their eating habits. With a lot of unsettling reactions, our team helped them to see how their choices could actually make a difference.

They could see how milk is produced. What are the methods of the dairy industry, where female cows are constantly being raped in order to give more milk that is supposed to be for their babies that are taken away from them to be used as meat.

They could also see pigs having their tails and teeth removed without any analgesics, so that they wouldn’t bite each other. The little piglets are being thrown against the walls because they have growth and health issues, and where they desperately fight for their lives in gas chambers.

Male chickens in the egg industry are being ground up alive or suffocated because they don’t lay eggs, and therefore are unnecessary to the industry.

Indeed, there’s a lot of pain and blood that hide behind these food choices and that’s the reason why it’s so hard to look in the eyes of a cow, pig or a chicken that wanted to live.

“Peace isn’t just the absence of war, but the presence of justice as well” and we can’t have a peaceful and just world as long as we’re behaving poorly towards others. As long as we’re torturing them, making them into slaves, machines and turning their bodies into food in awful places we call slaughterhouses.

It’s time to change, it’s time for a more just and better world!

That is why VivaBiH will continue their performances and showing the painful truths and fight for animals against human superiority.



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