Why should movements fighting for equality not be divided?

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Feminists could say that their diet is their personal choice and that violence against animals has nothing to do with violence against women, but in the same way abusers can say that their abuse and violence against women is their personal choice. We could say that a man has the “right” to beat a woman just as someone has the “right” to eat meat that found its way to our plate through forced impregnation, mutilation, torture and murder.

Eating meat, dairy, eggs, wearing fur or leather, using products tested on animals, or going to places where animals are kept in captivity for human entertainment are forms of violence.

Those are the same kinds of violence as those against people and therefore it is not enough to fight for one freedom and equality, while  supporting oppression of others, because no one is free as long as others are abused.

If we support even one form of discrimination and violence, we might as well be supporting them all, because discrimination is always the same – no matter against whom.

The same is true when the situation is reversed; vegans should not be sexist, racist, homophobic, etc. This does not mean that a vegan person is automatically a good person.

We must united fight against an oppressive system and that divides us into categories, only this way we will defeat the system and achieve equality among all beings.

The oppression that has taken place since ancient times against women and animals has the same root: exploiting the victim as a lesser being. Isn’t it insane to fight for the rights of some while violating the rights of others, in this case, animals?

The meat, dairy and egg industries are based on the exploitation of the female reproductive system and the relationship between a mother and a child, and the animal rights movement is an infallible part of the women’s rights movement.

The animal rights movement, like feminism, is a social and political movement to stop violence, torture, and hierarchy. Enslavement and killing of other beings for one’s own needs is against feminist principles, especially the methods and legal practices of the dairy and meat industries, such as forced insemination of mother cows, taking and killing their babies, exploitation of their reproductive organs and many others.

Feminism teaches us that there are no limits to your abilities and choices just because you were born with a certain sex, gender or body. Veganism teaches us that members of one species have no right to oppress others just because of the belief that their species is superior.

On this occasion, we want to highlight the brave and loud women, whose inexhaustible energy for a just world without speciesism is an inspiration for all of us.

Jill Phipps was a 31-year-old tireless activist who dedicated her life to ending unnecessary cruelty to non-human animals. She unfortunately paid for her devotion, her love for all beings, with her life. 01.02.1995. She was tragically killed, crushed by the wheels of a truck as she tried to stop it from transporting calves into certain death from Coventry Airport in the UK. The animals lost a strong fighter with a big heart that day, but what remains is the memory of her sacrifice and everything she did to help the animals.

Photographer Jo-Anne McArthur launched the We Animals project in which she has been documenting animals used for experiments and exploitation by the food, clothing and entertainment industry around the world for more than a decade. Witnessing the suffering of animals, she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, but that did not stop her, and her shocking photographs are regularly used by numerous organizations.

Anita Krajnc, co-founder of the Toronto Pig Save Initiative, has inspired many activists to witness the truth. In 2015 she was charged with a criminal act for giving water to dehydrated pigs waiting for a painful death in a transport truck near Toronto. The charges were dropped and she started the establishment of The Save Movement, which has more than 200 members worldwide, including our neighbours in Croatia.

Thanks to these women and many others who have left their mark in the world of activism, we strive every day to reduce the injustice done to animals and people.

And it doesn’t matter when you start that fight, because it’s NEVER too late to start fighting for a better world. Be the change you want in the world!



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