The action “In the name of invisible victims” and taking other’s blindfolds off

The action “In the name of invisible victims” and taking other’s blindfolds off

The action “In the name of invisible victims” and taking other’s blindfolds off

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On Saturday, July 23, 2022, VivaBiH once again went out in public with its activist group.

The action “In the name of invisible victims” was the opportunity to show the unnecessary cruelty towards animals.

Our performance carries that name, because it perfectly shows the truth of people turning a blind eye to the suffering and pain of non-human animals and the message we want to send.

Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the fact that about 70 billion land animals are killed annually in animal industries. If we add marine animals, which are measured in tons, those numbers are even higher. These are devastating facts, but many choose to remain ignorant and blind to these facts rather than face the truth.

By showing our banners and talking to people, we wanted to remove the “blindfold” from their eyes and help them understand the ideology of carnism.

Carnism is a belief system that dictates that people eat a certain type of animal. We were taught to eat cows and other animals, but not to eat dogs and cats. It is nothing but an ideology that is conditioned by people’s beliefs.

In the West for example people eat cows, pigs and chickens, while in the East, it is acceptable for some to eat dogs and cats, which is again an unimaginable evil to those from the West. That conflict in emotions and thoughts or better yet that hypocrisy is described as Carnism.

Our banners had photos of animals in animal industries and texts that read: “They just want love”, “They want to live too” and “Let’s be their voice”.

These banners showed the truth behind meat and the process of animal products and gave us a reason to talk with the people passing by about these terrible and legal practices in these cruel industries.

Melanie Joy, who gave this belief system the name carnism, believed that precisely because no one knows and is not aware that they are subject to a certain belief system, that is why it was important to give this ideology a name. As long as such a thing has no name, it does not exist for us.

Now we know that it exists, and so do the citizens of Sarajevo who had the courage to approach and talk to us.

We are extremely pleased to notice more people understanding the concepts of veganism.

Many encouraged us to continue working for a better world for everyone, and expressed their wish to be a part of that movement.

When people become more aware of their habits and decisions, they become stronger and will be more likely to conscientiously make decisions in the future for the benefit of everyone, especially the weakest and seemingly invisible victims.

Is someone’s five minutes sandwich more important than someone’s life?

If you took the place of these animals, would you like someone to stand up for your rights?

Let’s show them the compassion they deserve and be their voice.

Also, we hope that we were able to honor all the invisible victims who lost their lives.

Their sacrifice must not be forgotten and must not be in vain.

To us, they are not invisible, and we hope that over time more people will decide to take off the “blindfold” and face the painful truth.



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