New tastes and discoveries in “Summer taste of compassion”

New tastes and discoveries in “Summer taste of compassion”

New tastes and discoveries in “Summer taste of compassion”

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While celebrating the World Plant Milk Day, on Saturday 20.08.22. we organised a gathering called “Summer taste of compassion”.

The event was planned and executed within our campaign “Truths about Milk” with the goal of educating the public why we shouldn’t be consuming cow’s milk and other animals’ milk.

Even though we were surprised by the thunder and rain, the atmosphere in Bistro Zdravo (the restaurant where the event was held) was amazing.

We watched the documentary “Cowspiracy” which tackles different ecological problems like climate change, water usage, deforestation and ocean dead zones, and comes to the conclusion that animal agriculture, including the dairy industry, is the leading cause of environmental destruction.

After the movie, our guests had the opportunity to hear 3 interesting educational presentations.

Our activist Ajdin Arnautović held the presentation on “Cruel practices of the dairy industry” and showed how cruel the dairy industry is, regarding animals and humans.

The next presentation was from our dear Vildana Hrnjić, who dived deep into the topic of propaganda and with that move, for the first time at one of our events, she showed us the marketing facts that the dairy industry kept safe. In the presentation “The propaganda of the dairy industry”, Vildana explained how the dairy industry found its way into our daily lives and taught us that milk is just a very good advertised product.

At the end, Danira Šabić took the stage and talked about the health aspects of milk in her presentation called “Health impact of milk”.

After the movie and amazing presentations we enjoyed delicious vegan sandwiches and (n)ice cream that were prepared by Selma ‘Selmalicious Kitchen’ Smajiš.

We ended the event with an enjoyable atmosphere and amazing company, a communal meal and quality conversations.

Events like this are extremely important to us, both for introducing people to the benefits and reasons for veganism, and for connecting with like-minded people.

We would like to thank everyone who came and made this gathering better with their presence.

We hope that, now that the impressions have settled, you still have a sweet taste of compassion when you remember this event and that we are all collectively more aware of our eating habits and their consequences for our health, animals and the environment.

See you at the next VivaBiH event.



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