The individuals on your plate – Can you look your food in the eyes?

The individuals on your plate – Can you look your food in the eyes?

The individuals on your plate – Can you look your food in the eyes?

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At the end of September, 24.09.2022. in the afternoon in Sarajevo in front of the Eternal Flame, the VivaBiH activist group held the action “Individuals on your plates”.

The main banner of this action with the question “Did your food have the same eye color as you?” and “Let’s stop speciesism!” has attracted a lot of attention from our fellow citizens.

The question alone made them think, and many showed interest in finding out what speciesism is.

We actually wanted to encourage people to re-establish that connection between what is on their plate and that individual who wanted to be carefree, happy and who wanted to live. We also wanted to bring the concept of speciesism closer to people.

It often happens that we forget that actually behind every animal, behind every pair of eyes, there is an individual, a special personality, who is unique to themselves. The worst thing is that we forget that each individual is important and different from others, just as each human person is different from others.

As part of this action, we and our activists stood in solidarity with those individuals who are unfortunately victims of cruel animal industries or, simply put, victims of the previously mentioned disconnection.

In addition to the slogans we held, we also carried televisions on which we showed the suffering of different animals in different animal industries and their attempts to fight for their lives, but unfortunately unsuccessfully.

We wanted to show that what happens on the screens has no justification whatsoever and that no living being ever deserved such treatment.

Through conversations with the people passing by, we were delighted, because this time too we encountered support and understanding, and this means especially for all those individuals, who one day will not have to go through all the cruel and unnecessary suffering that their ancestors went through.

On this occasion, we would like to especially thank the actress Emina Minka Muftić, who warmly approached us with a sign of support for our action.

Although we are always ready for negative comments, during this year we had almost only positive reactions. We haven’t had a single very negative encounter with people in Sarajevo. However, this time we were verbally attacked by a gentleman for showing the footage from the industries.

The gentleman threatened us because his little son was upset about the suffering of animals, and he called the police because he thought we shouldn’t show those videos because of the emotions they can cause in people. In addition, he assumed that we did not have a permit for our performance, which of course we did.

In essence, this is exactly the reason why we are engaged in this activism for animal rights. Why is it difficult for people, especially children, to watch their food being made? Do you think a lion cub cries when its parent brings it its catch?

It is not natural for us to kill animals. Some people are taught to do it, under the justification of tradition, and some are just covert psychopaths. The fact is that most people would not eat animals and animal products if they had to kill them themselves. It is natural for us to empathize with their pain. Many eat animals because they are unaware of the horrors of how that shaped meat product ended up on their plate.

And precisely because they are distanced from the facts of what is on their plates, we make these performances and show these painful videos.

We believe that with this action we once again shook the consciousness of our fellow citizens and that in a certain way, we managed to re-establish the connection between the individual and what was on their plate.

If you too find it painful to watch the torture and killing of animals in these industries, then maybe it’s time to ask yourself if it is right for you to support these industries with your money.

Make the link and choose veganism for the animals, for the planet, and for yourself.


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