Comfortable companionship and cooking with Ena Tešić

Comfortable companionship and cooking with Ena Tešić

Comfortable companionship and cooking with Ena Tešić

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On Saturday, January 14, 2023, this year, we held our event “Cooking with Ena” on the premises of the Ananda Yoga Center.

The event was organized as part of our VegOdluka project, through which we strive to show the diversity of the vegan diet, as well as its numerous health benefits.

The VegOdluka program includes a free meal plan for the month of January, i.e. 31 days with suggestions for three meals every day.

In addition, we organize weekly joint online or live gatherings and culinary workshops, where we have the opportunity to socialize, exchange impressions and cook together.

The event “Cooking with Ena” is the first-ever live gathering as part of the VegOdluka project, because we were prevented from doing so the previous two years due to the pandemic.

Ena Tešić, the vegan and graduate nutritionist, who compiled this year’s diet plan, gave a lecture on veganism and a culinary workshop as part of this event.

This event was open to all interested people who want to learn more about a healthy vegan diet, not only to the participants of this year’s VegOdluka.

To our great satisfaction, visitors showed a desire to get to know vegan food better and asked many questions that our Ena answered.

After a great presentation, there was a culinary workshop where red lentil tortillas, tabouli salad and pasta in tahini sauce with peas and broccoli were made. We really enjoyed the great meals prepared by Ena.

We concluded this event in a pleasant atmosphere and great company, with a shared meal and quality conversations.

Events like this are extremely important to us, both for introducing people to the benefits and reasons for veganism, and for connecting with like-minded people.

We would like to thank everyone who came and magnified this gathering with their presence.

We are glad that our event was an inspiration to some of our visitors, to make their VegOdluka (decision to be vegan) and try to be vegan for a month.

Every change starts with a firm decision. This January, make the right VegOdluka, join us and eat exclusively vegan, nutritionally balanced food for a month.

Follow our activities on our social networks and join us at one of the upcoming events.


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