“Let us choose compassion” because it is the solution!

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On Saturday, February 18th, 2023, VivaBiH together with its activist group did another performance on the streets of Sarajevo called “Let’s Choose Compassion”.

The best way to help animals is to get out of our comfort zone, go to the streets and give our voice to those who cannot defend themselves and whose voice has been unfairly taken away.

White suits with face masks covered in fake blood are certainly not something you see every day, so this performance attracted the attention of all people that were passing by.

In addition, our activists carried televisions that showed scenes of cruelty and injustice in animal industries, meaning, all standard and legal practices of meat, dairy and other industries that exploit animals were shown.

This time, we added to our action a visual representation of animal foods that people consume without being aware of where they come from and under what conditions they were created.

Some female activists were holding plates with animal products on them.

Cheese, eggs and meat (all of which were of plant origin, of course) were also covered in fake blood. With this, we tried to depict the bloody path of these foods that animals have to go through in order to end up on someone’s plate.

As always, we had useful conversations with our fellow citizens and exchanged various information when it comes to animal exploitation.

Conversations with everyone were more than fantastic. Many showed great interest in new knowledge about the cruel practices that most of them learned about for the first time. Most importantly, they showed interest in the vegan lifestyle when they realized it was possible to stop supporting these industries.

We hope that people will understand that as long as there is cruelty to animals and as long as there is no compassion, many will suffer and that something needs to be done to break the chain of cruelty.

“Let us choose compassion” is the name of this performance because it is the solution!

Ask yourself, is it really fair to take away the rights and lives of others, just so you can briefly enjoy your meal?!

Can you look the animal in the eye before it ends up as a decorated meal on your plate?

Let us choose compassion to reduce the amount of invisible blood shed by these innocent beings! Let’s choose veganism!


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