This year’s VegOdluka is the most successful yet!

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As you know, for the third year in a row in January we organized the VegOdluka program.

Three months have passed since then, and we are only now becoming aware of the importance of this program for the growth of veganism in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Given that most people set New Year’s resolutions, it turned out that many people start veganism in January, so this year we also wanted to promote veganism among the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In this way, in the past years and this year as well, we facilitated the process of switching to veganism for everyone who wanted to start with healthier habits in 2023.

However, this time it was a little different!

The VegOdluka program includes nutritionally balanced meals for every day in January, and this year’s plan was created by Ena Tešić, a graduate nutritionist and vegan.

Participation in the program was, of course, this year as well completely free!

The program proved to be the most successful this year because the total number of participants increased compared to last year. Participants posted recipes through a private Facebook group and thus exchanged experiences and recipe tips.

In this article, you can see some of the culinary creations of VegOdluka participants.

These are already our standard practices. Besides Ena, what else was new?

As part of this year’s VegOdluka program, we held two online culinary workshops and TWO LIVE WORKSHOPS, which was especially important to us because in previous years, due to the pandemic situation, we could not gather live.

The workshops were prepared and led by Ena Tešić, and what great recipes we had the opportunity to make and try with her.

At the first online workshop, Ena made a pink smoothie and pasta in a creamy pea sauce with mint.

Although it was difficult to beat the first online workshop, in the second we made a comprehensive daily meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner. We prepared baked oatmeal with walnuts and blackberries, noodles with crunchy vegetables and chickpeas, and pork and potato potage.

To our great satisfaction, the participants showed a desire to become better acquainted with the vegan diet, and asked many questions that our Ena answered during all the online and live workshops, and communications in the Facebook group were also frequent.

Several participants of the program also joined in making the meal online.

In the photos you can see parts of the atmosphere and final dishes from our online workshops.

With the desire to give our participants the best possible experience, this year’s VegOdluka included a joint gathering with a culinary workshop during the month and a final live event.

In addition to the official program of lectures and cooking by Ena, these were ideal opportunities to socialize, exchange impressions, learn to cook together and enjoy Ena’s dishes, of course.

The first live event called “Cooking with Ena” took place on January 14, 2023. at Ananda Yoga Studio, where Ena gave us a lecture on vegan nutrition and prepared food.

ON THIS LINK you can remember the pleasant atmosphere and wonderful dishes that Ena prepared back then.

This year’s VegOdluka ’23 program ended with our live final event that took place on Saturday, February 4, 2023. in the premises of Bistro Zdravo.

Our Ena held another lecture on a healthy balanced vegan diet, this time with a focus on nutrients, and a culinary workshop as part of this event.

To our great satisfaction, all participants showed a desire to become even better acquainted with the vegan diet and asked many questions which our Ena answered.

After the great presentation, there was a culinary workshop where they made a dish with the interesting name “a bowl of the Greek goddess”, lentil dal with quinoa and chocolate banana muffins. We really enjoyed these great dishes that evening.

At the end of the evening, we left prizes to our most active participants. The first three awards this year were won by:

  1. Denina Čaušević,
  2. Maja Hodžić i
  3. Elvira Kutlovac.


Unfortunately, Denina and Maja were not able to attend live, so other people took the awards for them.

We certainly congratulate them on this occasion for their efforts and commitment, and we hope that they continue to use the recipes.

In a pleasant atmosphere and great company, with a shared meal and quality conversations, we successfully brought the VegOdluka 23 program to an end that evening.

We are especially glad that this year we received a lot more confirmation that our participants are still using these recipes after three months, and many have remained faithful to the vegan way of eating.

We would like to thank all the people who attended our online workshops and live events as part of this year’s VegOdluka 23 program.

Many thanks to all the participants who tried this year’s VegOdluka program.

Finally, we have prepared for you the words of thanks and motivation from Ena, our Alija, and the award winners of this year’s VegOdluka ’23 program. (BHC content only)


We are glad that our program was an inspiration to some to make their VegOdluka (decision to become vegan) and to try to be vegan for a month.

Every beginning is difficult, but with a little effort, we can change our bad habits and make the world a little better place.

We will continue the VegOdluka program next year, and for all additional information and news about our organization, follow the website and our social networks.


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