With Veganism to a healthy soil and for a healthy and safe future

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VivaBiH as an organization works to raise public awareness of today’s problems, with a focus on their solutions.

In addition to the campaigns that we did on milk, honey, water and air, it was time to make a campaign for soil.

Land or soil is what is also around us and without which we cannot live, just like water and air, and the goal of this campaign was to awaken a more conscious relationship between man and the soil, because the current relationship is not sustainable at all.

Soil is a living ecosystem consisting of minerals, organic matter, air, water and living organisms. This wealth of biodiversity plays a key role in regulating, storing and filtering water.

Also, the soil stores carbon dioxide, which is directly related to mitigating climate change.

In addition, soil is necessary for humans to grow food.

Can we really forever ignore our negative impact on nature, without which we cannot live?

In order for us to be healthy, we also need healthy soil. Through our campaign, we deal with what affects the soil, how much animal agriculture affects the destruction of the soil and how much it all leads to the threatened status of food supply security in the future.

The basis of our campaign is a video that you can watch HERE.

In addition to this educational content, we also included in the campaign a small leaflet with information about land use, and how healthy soil actually contributes to the health of our planet, as well as humans and animals. Here you can find the flyer: LETAK – ZA ZDRAVO TLO(only a version on our mother tongue)

The leaflet mentions facts and research in the form of a comparison of animal agriculture and plant agriculture, and their impact on the soil, i.e. which causes damage to the soil, and which enables recovery.

The flyer, as well as the video, also talks about the connection between all these aspects of nature and how by polluting the soil we pollute the water, and the air, and in the end most often the first innocent animals, but also people, suffer.

During the campaign, we also marked some International Days related to this topic with small posts. For example in the post for the International Day of Forests, the focus is on the preservation of forest areas and the relationship to forests.

Forest ecosystems would have the greatest benefits if the world went vegan!

One estimate shows that if we got our protein from plants instead of animals, deforestation could drop by 94%.

Although this information seems unbelievable, the fact is that the influence of animal industries plays a big role in the pollution of nature.

The only way to mitigate this effect is to be more aware of our choices. One small choice, such as consciously choosing plant-based meals instead of animal-based meals, makes a big difference in the long run for your health, as well as the well-being of animals and the environment.

The soil does not belong to just one person or industry! It belongs to all of us and we all have the right to healthy soil, so let’s start moving in the direction that will bring us and ensure healthy soil.


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