“Horror’s of KFC-a” – the reality behind the famous brand!

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At the beginning of March, to be precise 03/02/2023. in Sarajevo, a campaign called “The Horrors of KFC” appeared in trams.

This is one of our smaller campaigns, and it was inspired by the recent opening of KFC in Sarajevo.

The global brand KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is known for preparing chicken meat. Although we are far from Kentucky, this famous brand recently opened its premises in Sarajevo.

The reason why we started this campaign is to show what horrors are hidden behind KFC.

KFC is one of the world’s largest corporations, which, like other similar industries, do not see animals as individuals and living beings at all, but only as consumer goods. Unfortunately, such corporations do not even care about the health and well-being of people let alone of animals.

The goal of this campaign is to make the public aware of the actions and misdeeds of KFC and their attitude towards chickens.

The main slogan “At KFC you are served the pain, suffering and disease of these animals.” was part of the mentioned video that appeared in the trams, but was later posted on our social networks. 

Also, that slogan was on billboards all over Sarajevo.

The video briefly and succinctly explains in 60 seconds what is hidden behind the colorful advertisements of KFC. Watch the video HERE.

The video and billboards invite us to think about whether we really want to support KFC and its arrival in Sarajevo with our money.

Chickens are exploited and raised in horrible conditions for KFC. The poor animals are crammed into cramped, windowless sheds. Fed with various concentrates and antibiotics to make them grow faster. They often fall from the weight, because their legs cannot support them, so they often stand motionless in their excrement, where they often die.

At the end of their miserable lives in these conditions, the dead chickens are thrown into the trash.

And unfortunately, KFC is not the only one like this towards these gentle creatures. All animal industries hide these horrible practices. On this occasion, we just wanted to highlight the suffering of chickens, which are often seen as less valuable than some larger animals such as cows.

And does their size make them less eager for life and freedom?

Have we humans lost our feelings so much in the modern world that we can ignore all this?

Please remember that KFC is serving you the pain, suffering and disease of those animals.

You choose whether you will bring all of the above into yourself and your body!

You choose whether you will support this kind of cruelty and violence with your money and purchases, or you will choose to be against it because there is no in-between.

So ask yourself do you really want to support a business that, for the sake of profit, treats animals and people like this.


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