The event “U susret ljetu” reminded us on the importance of preserving marine life

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On Thursday, 01.06.2023, our event called “U susret ljetu” (eng. Looking forward to the Summer) was successfully organized at Bistru Zdravo restaurant.

Summer is approaching and we are all looking forward to warm summer days, vacations and the sea!

This summer get-together had the primary goal of reminding people of the great role of the oceans and the seas in our daily lives, and to inform them about the negative human impact on this sensitive ecosystem.

One of the main activities was the screening of the documentary “Seaspiracy”.

The documentary premiered in March 2021 and was one of the ten most-watched films on Netflix in several countries in the week after its release, sparking discussions on social media.

“Seaspiracy” exposed the dark secrets that the fishing industry did not want you to know and showed the consequences of negative human influence on the sea and its inhabitants.

Together we discovered these secrets and learned how to reduce our impact on the environment!

After the movie, we enjoyed vegan sandwiches from Ahimsa Delikatese, which everyone loved.

We ended this event with a pleasant atmosphere, great company and quality conversation.

These events are extremely important to us, both for introducing people to the benefits and reasons for veganism, and for connecting with like-minded people.

We would like to thank everyone who came and made this gathering better with their presence.

We hope that you were delighted with the new flavors and that you found a new motivation for a vegan lifestyle.

We believe that we have all become more aware of our eating habits and their consequences for our health, animals and the environment.

See you at the next VivaBiH event.


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