The “Za život” campaign made us question our beliefs

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Our campaign called “Za život” (For Life)  appeared on the 5th of July in six cities – Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Mostar, Zenica and Prijedor.

At a total of 14 locations, you could see billboards and city lights with the slogan “Njihov život je u tvojim rukama” (Their life is in your hands). The campaign was also shown on displays in 12 buses in Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

Why did we launch this campaign?

It is a campaign with which we wanted to encourage people to think about how we look at and see animals. We wanted to draw attention to what many people turn a blind eye to and don’t want to pay attention to, which is the unnecessary killing of animals for food.

We make decisions every day. Most people take eating animals for granted, as a matter of course, and do not see it as a choice.

We are all victims of carnism, a system that conditions us to eat (certain) animals, as well as speciesism, a system in which eating certain types of animals is normalized, while loving other animals, pets such as dogs and cats, is normalized.

Of course, we can’t blame our parents or our environment, because they too are part of that long-standing oppression that they have never questioned.

The campaign caused violent reactions from the public, and the content, as we can conclude from the portals and media, “disturbed” the citizens.

The content of the billboard, according to citizens, is too aggressive and direct for them! Is it really aggressive, or is the truth aggressive that has been marketed?

On the contents of the billboard is a photo of a girl with bloody hands and a lamb in her arms. Through artistic expression, arms represent the love and tenderness that most people have for animals. The red paint on the hands represents the blood that is shed in slaughterhouses to bring those same animals to our plates.

An upset mother contacted the editors of one portal, who says that the picture is aggressive and said that her child was very shaken after seeing the scene from the picture and after which he did not want to eat meat at all.

We believe that everyone should see what they are supporting with their meat eating choices. Most people would never kill an animal, and every time we buy an animal product we give permission for them to be killed, we are equally responsible and have blood on our hands.

There are few who would bear the scenes of killing, and that tells us a lot about us as a society! If the content of the billboard makes you feel disturbed, then this is precisely what tells us that what we are doing to animals is wrong.

Children love animals, they consider them their friends and no child wants to hurt an animal! We believe that this campaign is an indicator that we should also emulate children’s values.

What is aggressive is certainly taking the life of animals who want to live the same as us humans and who, like us, feel pain, suffering, love, empathy, attachment to families and friends…

We do not believe that we can change the habits of all people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, nor is it possible, but we believe that there are plenty of people who will think about the content of the campaign and reconsider their beliefs and moral values!

Mostly young people are more inclined to change and reconsider certain values, and the world certainly rests on them. Most people have empathy in them, so our campaign was not to create sympathy, but also to encourage them to wake up and become aware.

When you decide that you don’t want to be part of that cruel system and that you don’t want to support killing, and you realize that you can very easily get out of the system and prevent killing, veganism becomes the only real choice!


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