An educational workshop was held as part of the World Plant Milk Day

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On Tuesday, August 22, 2023 we celebrated World Plant Milk Day!

This day marks the growing popularity of plant-based alternatives to animal milk, and raises awareness of their many health benefits, as well as the benefits for animals and the environment.

We celebrated this very important day in the building of Goethe-Institut in Sarajevo on the 22th of August. The workshop was called “Nauči praviti biljna mlijeka uz Vladu” (Learn how to make plant milk with Vlado).

Our participants had the opportunity to learn everything about plant-based milk from experts in this field, from production to use!

Before the workshop, Vladimir gave us a lecture in which he talked about the dairy industry and animal milk, nutritional elements and healthy alternatives. Among other things, he talked about the disadvantages of purchased milk, which, in addition to the high price, also have an undesirable impact on the environment.

Vladimir also explained to us the differences between packaged store-bought milk and homemade milk, and why it is important to make our own plant-based milk, because they are much better for our health because they contain more healthy and natural ingredients than store-bought milk.

Plant-based milks are made from a wide range of nuts, legumes, grains and seeds. There are plenty of plant-based milks to choose from, each unique in its own way. By switching to plant-based milks, we have the opportunity to get to know many new flavors.

After a great presentation, there was a workshop where Vlado showed us how to make soy, almond and rice milk.

Our participants had the opportunity to taste and compare plant milks that were made at the workshop, and to learn how simple, tasty and cheap it is to make your own plant milk at home.

To our great satisfaction, the participants showed a desire to get to know plant-based milk better, and asked questions to which our Vlado answered.

After the lecture and workshop, we enjoyed coffee with plant milk, which everyone present was delighted with.

We ended this event in a pleasant atmosphere, great company and quality conversation.

In addition to positive impressions from the workshop, our participants took home gift packages that we prepared for them. In the gift package, in addition to our educational leaflets and badges, there was also a package of soybeans, so that they could make their own plant milk from soy at home, and a package of plant milk.

Many thanks to our educator Vladimir for a wonderful educational workshop.

Of course, we would like to thank all the participants who showed interest and came to our workshop.

We hope that you have been delighted by the new flavors and that you have found new motivation for a vegan lifestyle and that you will give more preference to plant-based milk, taking into account their positive impact on our health, the environment and animals.

See you at one of the next VivaBiH events.


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