Plant-based milk – new opportunities!

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‘How can you survive without milk?’ is a question people often ask vegans.

Also, this is a question many people asked themselves before going vegan.

The truth is actually pretty simple. We grew up believing that we must drink cow milk or any other animal’s milk. We grew up believing that milk is the best addition to coffee, our morning cereal or any cake.

Looking from that perspective, of course, living without milk seems impossible and we cannot be vegans in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

However, this perspective is wrong at its core. Veganism does not make us live off water and bread. In fact, it opens a world of new opportunities.

As vegans, we do ‘lose’ animal milk, but we receive many more types of plant-based milk – soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, etc. Therefore, we get to try things most of us never tried before.

When we open ourselves to the possibility of becoming vegan, we often hear of some very healthy ingredients for the first time. People call these ingredients vegan alternatives (for meat, milk, cheese, etc.) but one should view these ingredients as a separate product that was always intended for us, it just took us a bit longer to discover it. 

Why is plant-based milk for us and animal milk isn’t?

Have you heard of any other species on Earth that consumes the milk of another species?

Pure logic makes people question animal milk consumption more and more, as well as the effect our diet has on animals (primarily cows), the environment and our health.

Did you know that the milk industry is even more cruel than the meat industry?

Animals are violently impregnated and their babies are taken away from them so that all the milk they create goes to humans. They are used for several years and then killed for meat after they stop giving milk. 

On the other hand, plant-based milk isn’t cruel and has many ecological and nutritional benefits.

Plants used to create plant-based milk demand less soil, water, fertilizer and energy than animal milk production.

This milk does not contain hormones and antibiotics given to cows so that they could create more milk and which ends up in our organisms, wreaking havoc in our hormonal system.

Also, many producers enrich plant-based milk with nutrients such as B12, B2, D and A and food experts claim that plant-based milk is nutritionally adequate as an alternative to cow’s milk. 

So, why do we ‘narrow’ our choice by using animal milk when there are so much healthier plant options?

CHOOSE VEGAN MILK! For the animals, the environment and your health!


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