The “SAVE THE SEA” campaign opened up another ecology perspective

The “SAVE THE SEA” campaign opened up another ecology perspective

The “SAVE THE SEA” campaign opened up another ecology perspective

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Our organization did an educational campaign during March called “Let’s Save the Sea”.

The goal of the campaign was to show the citizens what the future holds for us regarding the seas and our drinking water if we continue to  consume animals!

Without understanding the problem, we will not be able to protect water and its surfaces. It is therefore necessary to raise public awareness and tackle this global problem.

We started the campaign with 17 billboards, 1 LED billboard and 2 City Lights, which could be seen in Sarajevo, Mostar, Zenica, Tuzla and Banja Luka with the slogan “If we do not stop eating fish, by 2048 there will be no marine life.”

A world without fish is much more terrifying than we might think!

Without fish, the oceans and seas will no longer be able to perform many of their essential functions. They play a key role in maintaining stability within the Earth’s dynamic systems; generate more than half of the oxygen on the planet. In addition, huge underwater currents help spread heat from warmer areas to colder ones causing seasonal weather patterns that humans and other species
rely on.


Too often we forget how important the oceans and other bodies of water are to human life and how
much damage we do to them through our actions.

We will be left without the marine world due to the extinction of species as a result of overfishing,
water pollution, habitat loss, climate change, but also due to our diet!

The video created as part of the campaign calls on our citizens to change their eating habits because
switching to veganism is the most effective way we can help preserve marine life and drinking water
for us and future generations.

You can read more about how our diet affects the consumption of drinking water and the ecosystem
in the article created during the campaign: “What is your water footprint?”, As in our information
leaflet which can be found here: WORLD WATER DAY – FLYER

Also, as part of the campaign, a number of posts were published on our social media sites and a
video was made, which you can watch HERE.

The most attention was drawn to the post “HOW MUCH WATER DO YOU EAT?”, which aimed to show the consumption of water for meat, eggs and milk compared to the consumption of water for cereals, fruits and vegetables, and that someone’s diet makes the largest part of their water footprint.

This was a way to show how much damage we do to us with our actions and to the living beings around us! Do we really want this future of destroying aquatic ecosystems and marine life, and even destroying the human species?

Let us think of all the living beings with whom we share this planet and that they are not there FOR us but WITH us.

This is an alarm and a call to save the water and the aquatic world that we as a human species truly need to survive!



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