Online campaign “The dark side of milk chocolate”

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We can safely say that the sweetest day of the year is precisely July 7th – the day when World Chocolate Day is celebrated.

This date was introduced in the calendar of international holidays in 2009. In this way, the arrival of chocolate in Europe, which happened way back in 1550, is celebrated.

The history of chocolate begins with the discovery of the first cacao plants in Central America approximately 4,000 years ago. After the discovery of the new continent, the first explorers brought this food to the “old continent”.

It is estimated that more than one billion people eat chocolate every day, and that Europeans eat significantly more chocolate than the rest of the world.

The method of making chocolate is now different from the original, but the cocoa plant is still the basis of making it.

Did you know that the original chocolate was actually made without animal ingredients and was absolutely vegan?! Milk was not used in the production of chocolate until 1875.

The Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter made the first milk chocolate in 1875, and Henri Nestlé helped him. Before Peter could invent the first milk chocolate bar, Nestlé invented milk powder, which Peter used to create the first milk chocolate. Peter’s recipe leaked to other manufacturers who soon followed his instructions in making the milk chocolate that dominates the market today.

In order to bring a well-known product closer to the public, but through the prism of truth and without additional decoration and filters, VivaBiH launched a small online campaign on 07.07.2023, called “Tamna strana mliječne čokolade” (The dark side of milk chocolate).

The campaign consisted of a one-minute video and several social media posts.

The beginning of our campaign was marked by a short video that shows standardized practices in the dairy industry, where cows are treated as commodities and not as living beings. You can watch the video HERE. 

What life looks like for cows in the dairy industry, from forced conception, exploitation to violent death, you can read more about that HERE.

Of course, milk is not only used for the production of milk chocolate, but the intention is to focus attention on a sweet product that actually hides a bitter truth.

Of course, milk is not only used for the production of milk chocolate, but the intention is to focus attention on a sweet product that actually hides a bitter truth.

Should you give up chocolate if you decide to go vegan? Of course not!

There’s always a place for chocolate in a vegan lifestyle, and compassion makes chocolate sweeter!

In addition, milk chocolate with added sugar and fat packs only calories and causes damage to our body.

Dark chocolate is the healthiest chocolate, but also the most suitable for vegans.

You can read about the composition of chocolate as well as the health benefits of consuming dark/vegan chocolate in our post HERE.

You can find tips on how to find vegan chocolates, and which ingredients you should pay attention to when buying chocolate HERE.

Milk chocolate is just another well-marketed product, and it’s getting harder and harder to hide the dark side behind it.

We hope that our campaign has managed to open the eyes of the public and encourage them to choose vegan products, i.e. chocolates, both for personal health and to stop animal cruelty.

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