VivaBiH is leaving Anonymous for the Voiceless

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Dear all,

If you are following the work of the VivaBiH Association, you must have noticed that last year we often organized the artistic performance called the Cube of Truth in different cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The initiator of this performance is the Anonymous for the Voiceless organization. For years they stand in the streets showing how the animals are tortured in the dairy, milk and egg industries i.e. the standard practices of these industries. They have inspired a lot of people to start engaging more and becoming activists, and they have helped many to make the first step and become vegan.

We, as the VivaBiH organization is sincerely thankful for all the work and all the successes of this organization when it comes to promoting veganism and raising people’s awareness of how animals are mistreated around the world.

However, we are hereby informing you that the VivaBiH Association is leaving the AV chapter Sarajevo, we are leaving Anonymous for the Voiceless, and we are not going to continue organizing the Cube of Truth performances as we used to do. 

The reason is that the values and principles of our association, as well as the personal principles of our members, are not compatible with the values promoted by the members of AV. We would hereby like to emphasize that VivaBiH Association is an intersectional association. Even though we primarily fight for animal rights, this does not exclude other movements fighting against oppression. We are well aware that there is oppression within our movement, and we strive to suppress and prevent it whenever we get the opportunity, and we are also trying to raise awareness on these topics. Apart from this, our members are equally fighting against any form of discrimination towards all members of our society, be they animals or human animals. 

Having all this in mind, it would be very hypocritical to continue promoting the work of an organization that does not share the same principles as we do, and whose founders and executive directors, as well as many members, are discriminatory. Therefore, we are looking forward to new projects and new street performances which will be fully in line with our principles, and which will be organized solely by VivaBiH Association.

Thank you for following our association’s work, we hope you will continue to do so. We are very happy to see how active you are on our social media, and how actively you participate in all our projects. 

Best regards, 

Your VivaBiH Team



This year's VivaBiH Fest will be held on November 4th and 5th at Hotel Holiday in Sarajevo, under the slogan "Reci DA veganstvu" (Say YES to veganism). WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT AT THE FESTIVAL? Just like last year, you can expect great educational workshops and panel discussions, vegan food exhibitors and a music and entertainment program, and like last year, the entrance will be FREE.

On Tuesday, August 22, 2023 we celebrated World Plant Milk Day! This day marks the growing popularity of plant-based alternatives to animal milk, and raises awareness of their many health benefits, as well as the benefits for animals and the environment. We celebrated this very important day in the building of Goethe-Institut in Sarajevo on the 22th of August. The workshop was called "Nauči praviti biljna mlijeka uz Vladu" (Learn how to make plant milk with Vlado). Our participants had the opportunity to learn everything about plant-based milk from experts in this field, from production to use!

In order to bring a well-known product closer to the public, but through the prism of truth and without additional decoration and filters, VivaBiH launched a small online campaign on 07.07.2023, called "Tamna strana mliječne čokolade" (The dark side of milk chocolate). The campaign consisted of a one-minute video and several social media posts.