What “TRUTH about MILK” hides behind the colorful ads of the dairy industry?

What “TRUTH about MILK” hides behind the colorful ads of the dairy industry?

What “TRUTH about MILK” hides behind the colorful ads of the dairy industry?

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In July 2022, we launched our most significant and largest campaign against the consumption of animal milk called “IstiNE o MLIJEKU” (wordplay that has two meanings: “The TRUTH about MILK” & “Say NO to MILK”).

Our goal was to bring a well-known product closer to the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond, but through the prism of truth and without additional decoration and filters.

Our online campaign tried to cover all the truths, and we believe that it succeeded in showing what the milk industry is hiding.

Posts on social networks included what life looks like for cows that were born in the dairy industry, why we believe that milk is good for us, that is, how the propaganda of the dairy industry has influenced people to consume cow’s milk and the impact of milk on our health and the impact of milk production on the environment.

Our social networks were extremely active during this campaign and it is obvious that some followers were touched by the posts about the lives of male and female calves, which through pictures and descriptions follow their lives from forced conception to death. The other posts also attracted attention, and we believe that through these posts we brought people closer to how the dairy industry has crept into our daily lives, regardless of the damage it does to our health, animals and the environment.

A summary of these posts was the article “This is why we should not drink animal milk!” where we tried to present all these truths behind milk in one place. If you missed some of our posts or specifically this article, you can find it HERE.

Besides our online posts, we also launched our campaign in the real world, outside of social networks. In 9 cities at a total of 22 locations in BiH, we installed billboards, LED and Citylights with a design that explains the pain of cows behind the production of milk.

Our first billboard campaign with an emphasis on standard and legal practices in the dairy industry, which is not at all kind to the animals that are in them, was launched in the summer of 2020, and with these billboards as well, we wanted to focus on what cruelty to cows is behind those shiny white liquids.

As part of our campaign, we also celebrated World Plant-Based Milk Day with the “Summer Taste of Compassion” event.

The guests of our event could enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in Bistro Zdravo, with the film “Cowspiracy”, which explains the impact of animal industries on the environment, as well as educational presentations and delicious vegan sandwiches and ice creams.

At this event, we used the opportunity to talk about cruel practices in the dairy industry, about the propaganda of the dairy industry and about the impact of milk on human health through various presentations. Presentations by Ajdin Arnautović, Vildana Hrnjić and Danira Šabić brought us closer to all the horrors of the dairy industry that are hidden behind colorful marketing.

After the presentations, we enjoyed sandwiches and ice creams prepared by Selma ‘Selmalicious Kitchen’ Smajiš, who showed us that without animal milk and the suffering that accompanies the production of that milk, we can enjoy summer flavors.

You can see more information about the “Summer Taste of Compassion” event and its atmosphere in our article New knowledge and tastes at the “Summer Taste of Compassion” event.

For us, this was an extremely important campaign and we shaped the collected information into a brochure, which you can view here: Brošura – IstiNE o MLIJEKU (only BHC content)

We believe that with our “IstiNE o MLIJEKU” campaign, we achieved our goals, made our fellow citizens aware and took the position that we do not approve of the actions of the dairy industry.

The dairy industry, for the sake of profit, tramples everything in front of it, and we will continue to stand up for the animals that this industry exploits, as well as for the environment and the well-being of all people.

Let’s choose compassion and kindness and say NO to MILK and the dairy industry.


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