Comfortable companionship and cooking with Ena Tešić

On Saturday, January 14, 2023, this year, we held our event “Cooking with Ena” on the premises of the Ananda Yoga Center.

The event was organized as part of our VegOdluka project, through which we strive to show the diversity of the vegan diet, as well as its numerous health benefits.

The VegOdluka program includes a free meal plan for the month of January, i.e. 31 days with suggestions for three meals every day.

The first big research of the dietary habits of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our organization has launched the first big research that includes the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina and deals with the dietary habits of our country’s citizens. The primary goal of this research is to find out the number of vegans in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also to get data on the dietary habits of citizens of our country given the fact that there is no existing data on this.

‘My Vegan Month’, a successful project realized with our friends from Visoko

Big ideas start with small steps, because success is like a seed that has yet to sprout, and only the persistent succeed in the end. And, to be persistent, only one thing is needed – that you believe in what you do, and we do. There are so many reasons to give in but when our idea is so alive that it grows more and more every day; we grow together.