The second VivaBiH Fest – say YES to veganism

This year’s VivaBiH Fest will be held on November 4th and 5th at Hotel Holiday in Sarajevo, under the slogan “Reci DA veganstvu” (Say YES to veganism).
Just like last year, you can expect great educational workshops and panel discussions, vegan food exhibitors and a music and entertainment program, and like last year, the entrance will be FREE.

An educational workshop was held as part of the World Plant Milk Day

On Tuesday, August 22, 2023 we celebrated World Plant Milk Day!

This day marks the growing popularity of plant-based alternatives to animal milk, and raises awareness of their many health benefits, as well as the benefits for animals and the environment.

We celebrated this very important day in the building of Goethe-Institut in Sarajevo on the 22th of August. The workshop was called “Nauči praviti biljna mlijeka uz Vladu” (Learn how to make plant milk with Vlado).

Our participants had the opportunity to learn everything about plant-based milk from experts in this field, from production to use!

Online campaign “The dark side of milk chocolate”

In order to bring a well-known product closer to the public, but through the prism of truth and without additional decoration and filters, VivaBiH launched a small online campaign on 07.07.2023, called “Tamna strana mliječne čokolade” (The dark side of milk chocolate).

The campaign consisted of a one-minute video and several social media posts.

With Veganism to a healthy soil and for a healthy and safe future

VivaBiH as an organization works to raise public awareness of today’s problems, with a focus on their solutions.

In addition to the campaigns that we did on milk, honey, water and air, it was time to make a campaign for soil.

Land or soil is what is also around us and without which we cannot live, just like water and air, and the goal of this campaign was to awaken a more conscious relationship between man and the soil, because the current relationship is not sustainable at all.

Soil is a living ecosystem consisting of minerals, organic matter, air, water and living organisms. This wealth of biodiversity plays a key role in regulating, storing and filtering water.

This year’s VegOdluka is the most successful yet!

As you know, for the third year in a row in January we organized the VegOdluka program.

Three months have passed since then, and we are only now becoming aware of the importance of this program for the growth of veganism in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Given that most people set New Year’s resolutions, it turned out that many people start veganism in January, so this year we also wanted to promote veganism among the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It’s time for a new VegOdluka!

The end of 2022 is approaching. Did this year meet your expectations? Or do you still have bad habits like unhealthy food and lack of exercise?

December is the time for making famous New Year’s resolutions. VivaBiH organization is here to help you realize your life plans and decisions, so we hereby invite you to make your VegOdluka (decision to become vegan) and try to be a vegan for a month.

VegOdluka is our project that has been implemented for two years so far, and it takes place during the month of January. This plan includes suggestions for three meals each day, along with nutritional values. So, every day during the realization of your VegOdluka, you will get free access to recipes for the whole day, their nutritional composition, as well as where to buy the ingredients needed to make the given dishes. All you have to do is get the groceries (and we’ve tried to make them accessible to everyone), and start preparing delicious meals.

This is why we shouldn’t drink animal milk

When you buy a product, do you think about its origin and harm to us, the animals and nature?

For the sake of profit, the dairy industry with its dairies and farms destroys everything and everyone in its path.

Did you know that the consumption of animal milk is quite young compared to the existence of the human species?

Compared to the 300,000-year history of our species, drinking animal milk is definitely a new habit. Based on the teeth, historians have learned that the practice of drinking animal milk among humans began only 6,000-10,000 years ago.

The campaign “The real life of bee Maya” uncovers not such a sweet truth of producing honey

The campaign “The real life of bee Maya” is the first campaign that we have dedicated to our hardworking bees, and we officially and symbolically launched it on May 20, which is also World Bee Day.

The goal of the campaign was to make a wider audience aware of the importance and role of bees in our world, and to introduce the process of honey production to citizens and what bitter truths are hidden behind that sweet, well-known syrup.


It is often forgotten that honey is meant for bees and not for humans.

Bees use honey as an energy source, because it is filled with nutrients that the bees need to be healthy.

Bees produce and store honey in huge amounts and so preparing for the upcoming winter months when there are no flowers. That is their secondary food source that ensures their survival.

In comparison, bees cannot live without honey, but humans can.

Luckily there are a lot of vegan honey substitutes available today, whether you need it for cooking, baking or as a sweetener…

Our program VegOdluka’22 has successfully come to an end

As you already may know, for the second year in a row, we’ve been running our program VegOdluka.

With most people coming up with their new year’s resolutions, a lot of people also start with veganism in January and we wanted to promote veganism among the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.